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AMI offers unparalleled depth and breadth of coverage of the small and medium business and channel partner markets.  Specializing in the IT and Telecommunication industries our research explores various facets that provides informed business strategy for providers of technology products and services around the world. The chart below provides a quick overview of AMI offerings. Further details and descriptions of each offering can be found below the chart and by clicking on the product groups.

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AMI Consulting
AMI Consulting specializes in transforming customer-data driven insights into actions that deliver clear and quantifiable results. 
Our consultants are disciplined practitioners who have deep and rich experience in applying global market intelligence to complex challenges.  Many of our consultants have worked for major IT providers so they understand the constraints and opportunities in which our clients operate.  This knowledge and expertise, combined with AMI’s unique customer-data driven approach, is the reason so many top global IT companies have come to rely on AMI consulting.
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Syndicated Services
Highly trusted fact-based customer insights including:

•  Global SMB Security Market Assessment
•  U.S. SMB Hosters Playbook
•  Global SMB Mobility Practice
•  Global SMB Tablet Market Landscape and Outlook Tracker
•  SMB Infrastructure Practice: Virtualization
•  Global SMB Managed Services Landscape Outlook
•  Annual Small & Medium Business Overview
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  ICT & Cloud Services Tracker Practice
A comprehensive view of the SMB ICT Market this practice includes a broad range of topics including:
•    ICT Products and Services Market Sizing/TAM
•    Economic Outlook, Business Sentiment, and Business Performance
•    SMB IT Market Overview, Infrastructure, Software, Mobility, IT Services, Internet & Telecommunications
•    Cloud Services Adoption, Usage, Applications, Implementation Strategies, Payment Methods, Public vs. Private, Bundling
•    Cloud and Mobility Demand Appetite, Key Drivers, Market Evolution Impact
•    Buying Behavior, Purchase Preferences, Purchase Channels, and Service and Support
•    Service Provider Landscape
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  "Cloud" Channel Partners Practice
This practice analyzes and interpets trends & implications in the Cloud Channel Partner ecosystem
•  Identifies the addressable partner opportunity
•  Profiles and targets high-value partners
•  Aids vendors in implementing successful channel programs.
•  Indentifies how much SMBs are spending on ICT purchases
•  Decision Making & Vendor Relationships
•  Key business challenges
•  Emerging solutions
•  Benchmark partner base relative to competitors’ coverage
•  Metrics that make a successful partner
•  Which types of partners are generating meaningful cloud revenues
•  Which products have the greatest impact on partner transformation
•  How do vendors provider partners with the tools for success
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Disaster Recovery & Online Backup as a Service
This practice is an in-depth opportunity assessment of the DRaaS and Online Backup Market:
•  Needs and buying behavior by size band
•  Current market overview
•  Forecast and outlook
•  Routes-to-market
•  Implications for vendors
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Routes-to-Market (RTM) Opportunity Model
AMI's SMB Routes-to-Market Assessment and Sizing analyzes the size and flow of SMB ICT investments:
•  Each channel is sized for over 100+ ICT categories, by 5 regions, 50 countries and 8 SMB employee bands
•  The channel size and share are forecasted through year 2018
•  Numbers provided in a simple-to-use and -navigate pivot table format for multiple views and breakouts

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Global Model: Market Sizing & Forecasting
Robust and unique including:
•  5 regions & 50+ countries
•  Vertical industry model
•  Employee size model
•  Small, Medium and Large Businesses
•  Non-Profit, Government and Education Sectors
•  Over 100+ technologies
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