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Virtualization Opportunity Assessment

AMI's Virtualization service provides a market perspective on the SMB demand for desktop, server & storage virtualization in North America:

SMB Desktop, Server & Storage Virtualization Opportunity Assessment
•    Desktop, Server & Storage Virtualization Market Size/TAM
•    Desktop, Sever & Storage Virtualization Demand Appetite, Key Drivers, Market Evolution
•    Virtualization Solutions and their Strategic Importance to Business
•    Desktop, Sever & Storage Virtualization Adoption, Usage
•    Buying Behavior, Purchase Preferences, Purchase Channels, and Service and Support
•    Service Provider Landscape

Key Questions Answered
•    What is the total SMB market opportunity for the various flavors of virtualization solutions -- server, desktop, and storage? Which
      virtualization and services are experiencing the fastest growth?  What is driving adoption?   
•    Who are the users of virtualized desktops and what devices do they use to access these solutions?
•    What is the SMB appetite for hosted Desktop as a Service and related bundling solutions?
•    What workloads are run on virtual servers/desktops and how are these workloads distributed?   
•    What is the role being played by mobility, social media and the Cloud?
•    Who is providing support and services for virtualization solutions, both internally and externally?
•    Which vendors and channels are SMBs using to procure virtualization solutions and what are common purchase criteria?   
•    Who are the SMB decision makers and how can they be reached?

Study Methodology:
•    North America
•    Web survey   
•    Business and Technology Decision Makers
•    Nationally representative; mix of employee size and vertical industries

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