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Market Opportunity Assessments

For over 19 years, AMI has tracked the SMB Market with annual surveys in order to provide the most complete view of the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) market.

SMB ICT Overview and Market Opportunity Assessment
•    Economic Outlook, Business Sentiment, and Business Performance
•    ICT Solutions and their Strategic Importance to Business
•    ICT Market Size and Forecast 2013 -19
•    ICT Adoption and Plans
•    Buying Behavior and the Impact of Social Media
•    Routes to Market/Purchase Channels

Key Questions Answered
•    What technologies are SMBs using in their business? 
•    Where are pockets of highest growth opportunity?
•    What will be the impact of Windows 8 and BYOD?
•    How has the economy impacted SMBs?
•    What technologies are perceived to be the most important to SMBs?
•    What are SMBs using Social Media for?
•    Where do SMBs prefer to purchase technology solutions?

Study Methodology:
•    Countries including: U.S., Canada, France, Germany, U.K., Australia, China, India, Korea,
     Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Brazil and Mexico
•    Web survey
•    Business and Technology Decision Makers
•    Nationally representative; mix of employee size and vertical industries



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