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IBM's SMB Social Media Marketing Objectives

  • IBM has targeted programs around community development, content distribution, intelligent listening etc. with IBM SMEs participating in a big way.
  • IBM’s social media efforts are geared towards increasing brand awareness, demand generation and purchase consideration among SMB IT decision makers.

Social Media Strategy & Tactics
1. Leverage social media programs to drive SMB community engagement and lead generation by targeting followers of IBM owned IDs.
2. Tailor social media content to align with business priorities and customer interests like Virtualization, Cloud Computing and Green IT.
3. Better align marketing resources against social media tools to target the SMB IT purchasing process. 4. Showcase IBM as an industry thought leader among the SMB community.

Key Lessons Learned
1. Be sensitive to how your brand interacts with the community; IBM recognizes that overbranding can be perceived as solicitation thus detracting from its focus of building deeper customer relationships vs. selling.
2. Focus your social media efforts but don’t forget your pick-up segments; IBM is expanding its social media program strategy and customer engagement models to ensure broad reach amongst middle-tier IT managers and IT professionals/ IT implementers.
3. Leverage key social media influencers to drive awareness and participation; IBM relied on industry recognized bloggers and subject matter experts vis-à-vis traditional methods to improve mid-market perception of the IBM brand and influence future SMB purchase consideration.



“IBM’s developerWorks' visitors come to the site for the community and extensive technical content. This community includes IBM and non-IBM bloggers to showcase their experience and skills to the IT community worldwide.  IBM developerWorks is powered by IBM Lotus Connections, which provides a comprehensive and well managed set of social capabilities, designed for business."  

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