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Cisco's SMB Social Media Marketing Objectives

  • Gain mind and market share with small businesses: Initiate, encourage and participate in small business networking and communications technology conversations – both on and off Cisco web and social properties – to build relationships, increase relevance and influence sentiment.
  • Drive product development and customer loyalty: Utilize social conversations, support requests and feedback from small business customers and resellers to provide better customer service, and positively influence product development and delivery processes.

Social Media Strategy & Tactics
1. Influence small business conversations using content aligned with key business challenges and small business IT needs centered on networking, communication, collaboration and security technologies.
2. Listen to customers and channel partners on the social web to improve the business using guidance from product and support feedback.
3. Engage in relevant conversations with small businesses seeking guidance on technology purchases to build relationships, gain trust, and influence the SMB IT purchasing process.
4. Empower channel partners with pre- and post-sales support and help deliver customers who are further along in the SMB IT purchasing process as a result of engagements on social networks.

Key Lessons Learned
1. Engage in social media channels where people already are; Cisco is targeting select customer profiles where they are spending their time online, and engaging with them in those locations to influence sales and improve customer satisfaction.
2. Listen to your customers and partners; Cisco is paying close attention to what their SMB audience is saying, doing, requesting on the social web. This information provides critical guidance on how to best reach, influence and empower that audience.



 “We have been influencing from a pre-sales perspective,” says Marie Gassée of the SMB Solutions Marketing team, in reference to resellers’ ability to market Cisco products to SMBs effectively based on the positive feedback being generated in product reviews, blogs etc.

 “They search and they talk to other people,” says George Gutierrez of the SMB Solutions Marketing team while referring to Cisco’s targeted social media strategy based on where customers are engaged online and their profile of IT adoption.

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